Season 1 - Episode 68
Raising Good Humans
Raising Good Humans
Ep 68: Unpacking gender, and sexuality with Dr. Nia Heard- Garris and Dr. Nevin Heard

Straight parents have gay kids too, so if you don’t think talking about gender, sexuality and family structure is important in general (which I do)— think about this: What if your child misinterpreted your silence for disapproval? What if they found themselves stuck between who they are and who they think you can love? And if you are of a certain age for example (me!), a lot of the language around gender may be new to you. For some of us, our kids know a lot more than we do. In this episode pediatrician Dr. Nia Heard-Garris and counseling psychologist Dr. Nevin Heard talk about language and research related to gender, identity, sexuality and kids.

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